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e-MotorChamber : Customer Feedback

Feedback from Customers Who Conducted Tests at the Fujimatsu Demonstration Anechoic Chamber

We have, in fact, received various positive feedback from customers who have used
the e-MotorChamber demonstration anechoic chamber at the e-OHTAMA Fujimatsu Laboratory for tests.
We will not rest on our laurels but continue to make further improvements to make the system easier for everyone to use.

  • Specifications

    The specifications of both the dynamometer and the battery simulator were sufficient for the test sample.

  • Movement of the test motor

    It was good that there was a mechanism to move the surface stand for mounting the motor as the mounting time could be reduced.

  • Installation of the test motor

    A set of tools for installing the EV motor was available, and a dolly and a crane for moving the EV motor were prepared
    The staff was well trained and the installation work went smoothly.

  • Control software

    The controller and control software for the EV motor and battery simulator were easy to use.
    It was good that it also allowed us to control the system via a program.
    I was glad that a monitor that displays information on the rotation speed, torque, voltage, and current of the EV motor was installed on the desk for the customer.

  • Cooling of the test motor

    Although it is necessary to drain the cooling water from the test sample and the hose at the time of dismantling, it was good that the specifications were such that air could be instilled into the hose and the water could be drained in a short space of time.