World's fastest, Ohtama!

Using proprietary technologies, Ohtama offers ultra-high rotational speeds of 20,000 rpm

and higher through connection using a single long shaft. Introducing our e-MotorChamber

electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing system, which achieves some of the top performance levels worldwide.

We utilize this system to realize major advances in the development of high-voltage electric vehicle motors,

which are becoming increasingly important factors in the achievement of a material-recycling society.

We move the future forward.

EV motor, bringing a sustainable society.

The field of mobility is undergoing a major shift, from internal combustion engines to

electric vehicle motors, and Ohtama's e-MotorChamber system accelerates this process.

Alongside self-driving technologies, personal mobility innovations and passenger drones, advances in the field of electric vehicles are revolutionizing the mobility industry.

Over 20,000 rpm!

Ohtama's world-leading test speeds make the future possible today.